Addressing the dual public health emergency: supporting physicians to prescribe opioid medications

Bandara et al

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Response to Tyndall 2020 (A safer drug supply…)

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Rapid and coordinated action on the part of the health care community is needed to mitigate the risks of disrupted care for pts with chronic opioid dependence, including the supply of clean opioids. / imp to address discomforts and challenges physicians have in re to prescribing opioids and encourage physicians to consider additional factors such as socio-economic status, MH, and SU problems when having conversations about opioids w pt / suggest that further resources be created to support physicians in becoming more comfortable Rx opioid meds, given that most lack proper training to optimally Rx opioids / support HCPs in reflecting on their positionality in re to Rx opioids and in developing additional confidence in their ability to manage the care of pts w OUD would be a good addition to the guideline. / resources to support HCPs to better understand how opioids can be used ultimately empower them to make the best evidence-based decisions confidently

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