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Commentary | 2023
Harm reduction, Policy/Regulatory, Evidence base, Decriminalization/legalization, Equity

To estimate the long-term clinical outcomes, costs, and cost-effectiveness of integrated buprenorphine and harm reduction kits in primary care for people who inject opioids.

Original research | 2023
Wrap-around services, About prescribers

We aimed to review new scientific evidence and to develop comprehensively up-to-date ‘Lower Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines’ (LRCUG), including their recommendations, on this evidence basis.

Lit review | 2022
Harm reduction, Decriminalization/legalization, Policy/Regulatory

We explored the experiences and narratives of family members and friends of people who use methamphetamine to inform the development of a Family and Friend Support Program.

Original research | 2023
Stimulants, Parents/caregivers, Stigma

This study examined the association between program duration and rate of criminal conviction and hospitalisation for substance use up to 15 years later among young people admitted to a short-term r

Original research | 2023
Youth, Justice system/law enforcement, Hospitals, About PWUD, Outcomes
Guide or handbook | 2021
Harm reduction, Advocacy, Barriers and enablers, Equity

To estimate the long-term health effects of involuntary displacement of people experiencing homelessness who inject drugs in 23 US cities.

Original research | 2023
Housing, About PWUD, Overdose, Mortality, Policy/Regulatory

This study characterizes housing trajectories of recently-evicted PWUD through the lens of the institutional circuit of homelessness and explores how wider contexts of structural vulnerability shap

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Housing, Social services, Poverty

This review aims to evaluate the effectiveness of supervised heroin assisted treatment (HAT) and analyse the significance of context and implementation in the design of successful HAT programmes.

Lit review | 2023
Evidence base, Safer supply, Outcomes, Substitution/OAT

We examined key sociodemographic factors that may influence the national race/ethnicity disparity in the prevalence of NAS among Whites, Blacks and Hispanics

Original research | 2023
Poverty, Equity, Parents/caregivers

We wanted to understand the experiences of people who use drugs as well as their healthcare providers (HCPs) during the first year of the pandemic.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Barriers and enablers, Social services, Housing

We examined the availability of medications for OUD (MOUD) in jails.

Original research | 2023
Justice system/law enforcement, Parents/caregivers, Substitution/OAT

While several case studies have indicated that opioid-related ODs can result in cognitive impairment, the possible association has not yet been systematically investigated.

Original research | 2023
Overdose, About PWUD, Mental health

Despite long-standing recommendations to integrate mental health care and alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment, no prior study has synthesised evidence on the impact of physically co-locating the

Lit review | 2023
Wrap-around services, Mental health, Outcomes
Infographic | 2023
Safer supply, About PWUD, Hesitancy of prescribers , Policy/Regulatory, Peer/PWLLE program involvement, Barriers and enablers

This report presents the findings of a multiyear study which aimed to understand the needs and preferences of people who use drugs from the illegal market and safer supply.

Report | 2023
Safer supply, About PWUD, Hesitancy of prescribers , Policy/Regulatory, Peer/PWLLE program involvement, Barriers and enablers

We aimed to examine comprehensively the evidence for agreement between self-reported and biologically measured illicit drug use across all major illicit drug classes, biological indicators, populat

Lit review | 2023
About PWUD, Illegal drugs, Clinical guidance

We examined how the prescribing of hydromorphone tablets specifically impacted young people who use drugs (YPWUD)'s substance use and care trajectories.

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, About PWUD, Poverty, Youth, Diversion

This systematic literature review examines the characteristics, methodological quality and findings of published studies exploring the association between organisational factors and client alcohol

Lit review | 2023

In this study, we use linked administrative health and correctional data to describe mental illness, substance use, injury, sexually transmitted infections and health service utilization of men and

Original research | 2023
Justice system/law enforcement, Equity, Sex/Gender

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