Integrating Hepatitis C Care with Safer Supply Practice

For World Hepatitis Day, this session shared information on how safer supply providers can integrate hepatitis C care into their practice. This included an overview of hepatitis C testing, treatment and prevention, examples of how other safer supply programs are providing hepatitis C care, and linkage to hepatitis C trainings and resources.

Hepatitis C testing and treatment is highly effective, and easier than ever for both clients and providers. Safer supply providers have close, trusted relationships with clients and are well-suited to deliver low-barrier hepatitis C care. This can support a wholistic approach for the health of people who use drugs, and support the goal of eliminating hepatitis C in Canada.

This session was offered in partnership with CATIE, Canada’s source of HIV and hepatitis C information.

A moderated Q & A session followed the discussion.

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Our Presenters

  • Chris Hoy and Rivka Kushner, CATIE
  • Tim O'Shea, HAMSMaRT (Hamilton, Ontario)
  • Patty Wilson, Nurse Practitioner (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Angie Austin and Jessica Nanni, South Riverdale CHC (Toronto, Ontario)