Expert Panel of People Who Use Drugs

Webinar | 2021-11-25

Tweets from the webinarWhat are the benefits and advantages of Safer Supply?

What are the limitations?

How does discrimination and stigma affect our ability to access Safer Supply?

What’s our wish list — what would put Safer Supply more in line with our needs and expectations?

Hear our Canada-wide panel and moderator discuss these and other topics.


Angie, Ashley, Liam, millie, Phoenix, Steve, Thomas
Moderator: Franky


About Our Panellists and Moderator

Angie, from Kitchener-Waterloo

Ashley lives in Port Hope and comes from Alderville First Nations Reservation

Franky, from Toronto

Liam, from Toronto

millie, from Victoria

Phoenix, from Vancouver

Steve, from Ottawa

Thomas, from Fredericton