Past Research Spotlight Webinars

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre Safer Supply Program Evaluation Results

  NSS-CoP, 2023-05-01

Speakers: Paul Colosimo, Kate Atkinson, Ashley Smoke


Safer supply implementation successes, challenges and outcomes: findings from four Ontario Programs

  NSS-CoP, 2023-03-06

Speaker: Carol Strike


Imagine Safe Supply: Aligning Safe Supply with Community Values of People Who Use Drugs

  NSS-CoP, 2023-02-06

Speakers: Frank Crichlow, Jack Farrell, Erin Howley, Sean O’Callaghan, Phoenix Beck McGreevy


Improving Care and Reducing Overdose Risk for Indigenous People Living with Opioid Use Disorder through Partnering with Indigenous Elders at the Ki'lala Lelum (KL) Health Centre: Health System Transformation and the Results of a Prospective Cohort Study

  NSS-CoP, 2023-01-16

Speakers: Elder Bruce Robinson, Elder Sandy Lambert, David Tu, MD, Jill Fikowski, Claudia Langemeyer, Wajid Khan


"COVID just kind of opened a can of whoop-ass"

  NSS-CoP, 2022-12-05

Speakers: Dr. Stephanie Glegg, Dr. Nadia Fairbairn


Safer Supply Ottawa Program Evaluation

  NSS-CoP, 2022-11-07

Speakers: Marlene Haines, Athena Tefoglou, Dr. Patrick O’Byrne


Clinical outcomes and health care costs among people entering a safer opioid supply program in Ontario

  NSS-CoP, 2022-10-03

Speakers: Dr. Gillian Kolla, Dr. Tara Gomes, Dr. Andrea Sereda, and Ashley Smoke