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This qualitative study aims to characterize the motivation and practices of counterfeit non-pharmaceutical fentanyl (NPF) pill initiation and use among individuals using illicit opioids in Arizona.

Original research | 2022
Illegal drugs, About PWUD

This study examines stimulant co-mention trends among PWUO/PTMOUD on social media over multiple years.

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, Illegal drugs, Stimulants

We sought to assess the level of awareness of risk mitigation prescribing (RMP) and identify factors associated with this awareness among PWUD in Vancouver, BC.

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, Policy/Regulatory, Safer supply, Barriers and enablers

Concern has been raised that unintended reductions in patient acceptance of naloxone may occur due to increased precipitated withdrawal risk associated with higher naloxone doses.

Original research | 2022
Harm reduction, About PWUD, Overdose

As part of a community based patient oriented research project, we critically analyze the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) framework to provide insights into what constitutes safer res

Original research | 2022
Peer/PWLLE program involvement
Case study | 2022
Indigenous, Substitution, Parents/caregivers

This study was conducted to elicit inpatient perspectives on the practice of injecting drugs into VADs and to propose strategies to reduce associated harms.

Original research | 2022
Hospitals, Harm reduction

Little is known about behavior change after fentanyl testing and the attitudes around fentanyl knowledge and testing along the US-Mexico border in the context of a safe consumption site.

Original research | 2022
Drug checking, Illegal drugs, About PWUD, Harm reduction

Little is known about how stigma varies across different substance types, whether individuals are actively using or in recovery, and medical versus recreational onset.

Original research | 2022
Stigma, About PWUD

The current study utilized a thematic analysis to examine factors influencing treatment perceptions and experiences among a sample of 39 Black adults with a recent history of opioid use.

Original research | 2022
Equity, Barriers and enablers, About PWUD, Transitions in care/treatment

The objective this paper is to examine the rate of 7-day follow-up after an OUD-related ED visit and the association with future overdoses.

Original research | 2022
Hospitals, Wrap-around services, About PWUD, Overdose

Due to the high potency of illicitly manufactured fentanyl (IMF), multiple naloxone administrations (MNA) may be needed per overdose event.

Original research | 2022
Overdose, Harm reduction

This study explores the role of police interactions in responding to PWUD within the broader institutional and structural contexts in which they operate.

Original research | 2022
Justice system/law enforcement, Policy/Regulatory, Social services, Poverty, Mental health

People who use methamphetamine concurrently with opioids face an elevated risk of harm.

Original research | 2022
Harm reduction, About PWUD, Equity, Stimulants
Page Web | 2020
la politique / le cadre de réglementation
Webpage | 2020

The study sought to identify indicators of success in primary care–based medication for OUD (MOUD) treatment from the perspectives of patients with OUD and the physicians who treat them.

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, About prescribers, Transitions in care/treatment, Substitution, Stigma

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