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The objective of this study was to identify and describe perceptions of fentanyl among African Americans who misuse opioids, while capturing their motivations for seeking out or avoiding fentanyl.

Original research | 2023
Equity, About PWUD

We aimed to evaluate how the number of new safer supply hydromorphone (SSHM) dispensations changed during the pandemic in Ontario.

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, About prescribers
Report | 2023
Equity, Decriminalization/legalization, Harm reduction, About PWUD

This research comprised a qualitative study that explored the motivations, effects and toxicity of novel synthetic opioids from the perspectives of Tweeters.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Illegal drugs

We aim to assess the rate and factors associated with treatment access among individuals with high-risk substance use.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Transitions in care/treatment

This study aims to investigate factors associated with reported experience of opioid overdose in the prior six months using survey data from British Columbia, Canada from 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Original research | 2023
Overdose, Housing, Sex/Gender , About PWUD
Archived webinar | 2023
Clinical guidance, About prescribers
Infographic | 2023
Substitution/OAT, Transitions in care/treatment, Hospitals

The study objectives were to evaluate opioid agonist therapy (OAT) initiation rates after a hospital encounter for opioid toxicity in Ontario, Canada, and determine whether publication of a 2018 Ca

Original research | 2023
Hospitals, Transitions in care/treatment, Substitution/OAT
Case study | 2023
Hospitals, Withdrawal, About prescribers, Clinical guidance

The study's aim is to identify whether the location of a drug exchange, specifically the dark web, influences public preferences for drug policy and police resourcing.

Original research | 2023
Policy/Regulatory, Illegal drugs, Legal system/law enforcement

We aimed to compare more recent statewide hospitalization rates for drug use-associated infective endocarditis (DUA-IE) in females versus males and contextualize them among other drug-related harms

Original research | 2023
Injecting drugs, Sex/Gender , Outcomes

The goal of the present study was to evaluate the association between the use of different substances and the risk of substance use disorder (SUD) while accounting for polysubstance use.

Original research | 2023
Illegal drugs, About PWUD
Guidelines | 2023
About prescribers, Withdrawal, Clinical guidance

We evaluate current trends in mortality for treatment-seeking older adults (OAs; age 55+ years).

Original research | 2023
Mortality, Substitution/OAT

This study investigates mortality risk associated with use of opioid analgesics, benzodiazepines, gabapentinoids, and opioid agonist treatment (OAT) among people with opioid dependence (PWOD).

Original research | 2023
Mortality, Substitution/OAT, About PWUD

The importance of social network influence on disease transmission is well established, yet the interplay between harm reduction and network structures is, generally, not well understood.

Original research | 2023
Substitution/OAT, About PWUD
Rapport | 2023
l'approvisionnement plus sécuritaire, la base de donnés probantes
Infographic | 2023
Overdose, Clinical guidance, Harm reduction

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