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Guidelines | 2022
Clinical guidance, Policy/Regulatory, About prescribers, Harm reduction, Safer supply, Carries/take-home doses, Substitution/OAT
Guidelines | 2022
Clinical guidance, Carries/take-home doses, Policy/Regulatory

In March 2020, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) issued guidance allowing for the expansion of take-home methadone doses.

Original research | 2021
Substitution/OAT, Carries/take-home doses, About PWUD

To limit COVID-19 spread and to avoid disruptions in access to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), including buprenorphine and methadone, US federal and state agencies granted unprecedented

Original research | 2022
Carries/take-home doses, About prescribers, About PWUD, Substitution/OAT

We conducted three independent studies on the expanded take-home dose (THD) exemptions to assess implementation and impact on patients and providers in three geographically diverse opioid treatment

Original research | 2022
Substitution/OAT, Carries/take-home doses, Policy/Regulatory, About prescribers, About PWUD, Justice system/law enforcement

This study aimed to describe changes implemented by programs prescribing pharmaceutical alternatives to the drug supply during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Original research | 2022
Safer supply, About prescribers, Transitions in care/treatment

To describe the prevalence of incarceration among survivors of non-fatal overdose addressed through an emergency medical services (EMS) response, and compare incarceration by whether the emergency

Original research | 2022
Overdose, About PWUD, Justice system/law enforcement
Training | 2022
Illegal drugs

This review aimed to evaluate the evidence base supporting the feasibility and clinical effectiveness of all forms of deprescribing initiatives used to discontinue long-term (≥4 weeks) benzodiazepi

Lit review | 2022
Withdrawal, About prescribers, Outcomes, Transitions in care/treatment

Cette étude a permis d’analyser un large éventail de blessures et d’intoxications liées à la consommation de cocaïne seule et en combinaison avec d’autres substances au Canada, à l’aide des données

Recherche | 2022
les stimulants, les hôpitals, la surdose, les drogues illégales

This study examined a wide range of injuries and poisonings related to cocaine only and in combination with other substances in Canada using sentinel surveillance data captured by the electronic Ca

Original research | 2022
Stimulants, Hospitals, Overdose, Illegal drugs

The authors aimed to determine whether flexible take-home buprenorphine/naloxone is as effective as supervised methadone in reducing opioid use in prescription-type opioid consumers with opioid use

Original research | 2022
Substitution/OAT, About PWUD, Outcomes
Training | 2022
About prescribers, Safer supply, Policy/Regulatory

We used propensity score (PS) weighting methods to address two methodological questions: (1) Do disparities between sexual minority women (SMW) and heterosexual women persist when differences in ri

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, 2SLGBTQI+, Sex/Gender

We know little about what mitigating effects medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) offered in jail might have on post-release ED utilization.

Original research | 2022
Hospitals, Justice system/law enforcement, About PWUD, Outcomes

Lessons from early adopter programs may benefit clinicians and others looking to offer ED-initiated treatment for OUD.

Original research | 2022
Hospitals, Barriers and enablers, About prescribers

Research suggests the practice of simultaneous co-injection of methamphetamines and opioids, often referred to as “goofballs”, is increasing.

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, Harm reduction

We sought to characterize drug use behaviors of individuals following the overdose of someone in their social network.

Original research | 2022
Overdose, Mortality, About PWUD, Mental health

It is important to understand how stigma is made in OAT and the political purposes that it serves, in order to change the relations of stigma and avoid the reproduction of stigma in the delivery of

Original research | 2022
Stigma, Substitution/OAT, About PWUD

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