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In this study, we assess the impact of COVID-19 on opioid toxicity deaths among people who experience incarceration compared to others in the general population in Ontario, Canada.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Mortality, Legal system/law enforcement

Parenting women in treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD) report a lack of family centeredness and anticipatory guidance within well child care (WCC), and WCC utilization is low among affected chi

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, About prescribers, Parents/caregivers

The aim of the study is to explore the early parenting experiences among a cohort of postpartum individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD) both during and after the delivery hospitalization to iden

Original research | 2023
Parents/caregivers, About PWUD, About prescribers

We review the epidemiology of acute infections and associated morbidity and mortality amongst people who inject drugs in Australia.

Lit review | 2023
Injecting drugs, About PWUD, Barriers and enablers

Long-term adverse experiences following psychedelic use can persist for weeks, months, or even years, and are relatively unexplored in psychedelic research

Original research | 2023
Hallucinogens/psychedelics, About PWUD, Mental health

The aim of this study was to examine the risks and benefits of research participation from the perspective of pregnant/postpartum people with OUD who have experienced incarceration.

Original research | 2023
Legal system/law enforcement, Parents/caregivers, About PWUD

This systematic review with meta-analysis aimed to pool results from randomized placebo-controlled trials (RCTs) to evaluate efficacy and safety of prescription psychostimulants (PPs) for amphetami

Lit review | 2023
Stimulants, Safer supply, Evidence base

This study aims to explore why Black communities continue to experience a greater burden of fatalities than their white counterparts by working with Black community members in Indianapolis.

Original research | 2023
Overdose, Mortality, Equity, Harm reduction, Peer/PWLLE program involvement

Examining withdrawal, and its role in people who use illicit opioids (PWUIO)’s willingness to engage in risk, may aid in the development of alternative theories of risk involvement and create discu

Original research | 2023
Withdrawal, About PWUD, Harm reduction

A systematic review of safer smoking practices.

Lit review | 2023
About PWUD, Harm reduction, Barriers and enablers

We examined whether rurality, social inequity, and racialized segregation across communities from four states in the HEALing Communities Study (HCS) were associated with 1) greater perceived commun

Original research | 2023
Stigma, Rural/remote, Equity

This study adds to the literature on how people who use drugs qualitatively experience trauma resulting from witnessing and responding to overdose, through the lens of the Trauma-Informed Theory of

Original research | 2023
Overdose, About PWUD, Mental health

Boston Medical Center, the City of Boston, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts partnered in 2022 to offer low-barrier transitional housing to encampment residents and provide co-located clinical stab

Original research | 2023
Housing, Wrap-around services

Our aim was to examine uptake, characteristics, treatment patterns and retention of individuals initiating extended-release subcutaneous buprenorphine (BUP-ER), a monthly injectable opioid agonist

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Substitution/OAT, Outcomes, Transitions in care/treatment

We aimed to understand patient perceptions of medication diversion from jail-based medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD) programs and the factors that contribute to and reduce diversion.

Original research | 2023
Diversion, Legal system/law enforcement, About PWUD

To introduce a new concept of Substance Use Health that meets the needs of people where they are and is free of stigma.

Guide or handbook | 2023
Stigma, Equity, Advocacy, Social benefits
Report | 2023
Overdose, Mortality, Stimulants, Illegal drugs

This narrative review assessed major epidemiological trends in xylazine-involved overdoses in North America, aiming to identify harm reduction priorities

Lit review | 2023
Overdose, Illegal drugs, Harm reduction

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