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We conducted a qualitative systematic review to synthesize the evidence on providers’ experiences with relaxing restrictions on take-home doses of medications prescribed for opioid use disorder dur

Lit review | 2023
Policy/Regulatory, About prescribers, Carries/take-home doses

This study examines the association between the enactment of Canada's Cannabis Act (CCA) and the number of cannabis stores (NCS)  with traffic injuries in Toronto.

Original research | 2023
Decriminalization/legalization, Policy/Regulatory, Outcomes
Original research | 2023
Harm reduction, Injecting drugs, Policy/Regulatory

Preliminary evidence suggests that people who inject drugs (PWID) may be at an increased risk of developing infective endocarditis (IE), hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, and/or human immunodefici

Lit review | 2023
Safer supply, About PWUD, Injecting drugs, Outcomes

We aim to better understand the relationship between methamphetamine use and depression by: (i) systematically reviewing and meta-analysing the risks of depression by methamphetamine use; and (ii)

Lit review | 2023
Stimulants, Mental health, About PWUD

Studied the link between the higher availability of medical cannabis dispensaries to increased cannabis consumption and harm.

Lit review | 2023
Policy/Regulatory, Outcomes

This study aims to estimate the effect of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment completion on the risk of being readmitted to a SUD treatment in Chile.

Original research | 2023
Transitions in care/treatment, About PWUD, Outcomes
Report | 2023
Harm reduction, Advocacy, About PWUD, Barriers and enablers, Youth
Handout | 2023
Harm reduction, Advocacy, Youth
Archived webinar | 2023
Youth, Harm reduction, Barriers and enablers, Advocacy
Report | 2022
Policy/Regulatory, Peer/PWLLE program involvement, Equity

This study investigates the association between perceived racial discrimination (PRD) in school and polysubstance use among racial/ethnic minority adolescents using a nationally representative samp

Original research | 2023
Youth, Illegal drugs, Equity, About PWUD

The aim of our study was to determine the amounts of morphine actually injected, according to the different preparation modalities described by people who inject morphine from morphine sulfate caps

Original research | 2023
Harm reduction, Injecting drugs, Safer supply

We report the chances of Black men aged 45 years dying of a drug overdose before age 60.

Original research | 2023
Equity, Sex/Gender , Overdose, Mortality

The primary metric used to measure accessibility in this paper will be the changes in public transit travel times to patients’ nearest OAT practitioners, due to the risks posed by even small delays

Original research | 2023
Substitution/OAT, Barriers and enablers, Social services
Rapport | 2023
l'approvisionnement plus sécuritaire, la politique / le cadre de réglementation, les obstacles et les facilitateurs

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