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Commentary | 2023
Policy/Regulatory, Legal system/law enforcement, About PWUD, Barriers and enablers

This study aimed to characterize heroin-assisted treatment (HAT) patients at treatment start and compare their individual characteristics to those of patients entering traditional opioid maintenanc

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, Substitution/OAT, About PWUD, Overdose, Crime

La présente étude, qui s’inscrit dans le cadre d’activités permanentes de surveillance, donne un aperçu des incidents de surdose non mortelle survenus dans un établissement fédéral en 2020-2021.

Rapport | 2023
la surdose, le régime juridique / l'application de la loi

As part of ongoing monitoring efforts, the current study provides an overview of non-fatal overdose incidents that occurred in a federal institution in 2020-2021.

Report | 2023
Overdose, Legal system/law enforcement

To ensure bystanders’ willingness to carry and administer naloxone in response to a suspected overdose, it is critical to select products for community distribution with the highest likelihood of b

Original research | 2023
Overdose, Harm reduction

We characterize the capacity, barriers, and sustainment of mobile opioid use disorder (OUD) care services in a large city with a high incidence of OUD and HIV.

Original research | 2023
Barriers and enablers, Wrap-around services, Substitution/OAT, About prescribers
Commentary | 2023
Wrap-around services, Illegal drugs, Injecting drugs
Archived webinar | 2023
Safer supply, Policy/Regulatory, Decriminalization/legalization

We aimed to: (1) Assess MDMA user perceptions regarding both positive and negative long-term effects, and (2) Generate a large, open dataset with correlates to explore for future research.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Social benefits, Hallucinogens/psychedelics

This study provides a national snapshot of substance use and treatment characteristics among US reproductive-aged females, including those who are pregnant.

Original research | 2023
Sex/Gender , Parents/caregivers, About PWUD

The aim of this study was to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date estimation of the societal costs of illegal drug use in Sweden, relying as much as possible on registry and administrative data.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Legal system/law enforcement, Illegal drugs

We explored the pre-implementation stage of a supervised consumption services (SCS), to examine how an SCS is made and made differently in relation to the material-discursive context of the hospita

Original research | 2023
SCS/OPS, Hospitals
Video | 2023
Policy/Regulatory, Decriminalization/legalization, Advocacy

To determine the relative risk of death following exposure to treatments for OUD compared to no treatment.

Original research | 2023
Mortality, Overdose, About PWUD, Substitution/OAT

This study presents health planners’ perspectives on the Risk Mitigation Guidance (RMG) adoption within a medicalized system of care.

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, Policy/Regulatory
Report | 2023
Indigenous, Overdose, About prescribers, Substitution/OAT

We understand the current crisis of overdose deaths to be driven by widespread opioid use, characterized by distinct ‘waves’ of drug use.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Illegal drugs

OAT is a well developed and successful treatment strategy for opioid dependant patients in Europe, which contributed significantly to the fight against the HIV and HCV pandemic and contributed to a

Original research | 2023
Transitions in care/treatment, Substitution/OAT, About PWUD

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