Working Groups

We have a number of working groups.

Advisory Council

Purpose: Provide direction and feedback to the NSS-CoP Team.

Current activities: Advising on evaluation and internal policies.

Action for Safer Supply - People Who Use Drugs Working Group

Purpose: As a working group composed exclusively of people who use drugs (PWUD), Action for Safer Supply advocates for expanded access to safer supply for PWUD across the country.

Current activities: Developing and revising a National Advocacy Toolkit on Safer Supply, OAT, and Harm Reduction. The working group is also working on an anti-stigma and anti-shame campaign #NoShameNovember, to be launched in November 2022.

Recommendations for Clinical Guidance Working Group

Purpose: Using evidence, existing guidelines, and lived experience, create recommendations for guidance to support safer supply prescribing.

Current activities: 2 subgroups - take home doses, urine drug screens. Creating a survey for prescribers to gather information about current practices and perspectives.

Access to Pharmaceuticals Working Group

Purpose: Clarifying what pharmaceuticals are available in the various regions across Canada, producing a list of what pharmaceuticals should ideally be available for safer supply, and describing how the current system of pharmaceutical approvals works.

Current activities: Creating a list of what pharmaceuticals are currently available (and what is covered) where and creating a list of what is not available and the reasons why.

Program Operations Meeting

Purpose: Connect program administrators/coordinators/managers/service providers to discuss program operations, identify successes and challenges, share information and resources, and provide support.

Current activities: Support for new program development, share resources.

Pharmacy Working Group

Purpose: Connect pharmacy staff to share information about safer supply from a pharmacy perspective. Share experiences and resources, and identify gaps, needs, and areas for advocacy.

Current activities: Identifying resources, gaps, needs, areas for advocacy; sharing resources and experiences.


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