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Take-Home Naloxone (THN) kits may be stored in non-standard conditions, including in vehicles, backpacks, and out of doors.

Original research | 2019
Harm reduction, Overdose

This paper builds upon the concept of the ‘informed patient’ to explore individuals’ decisions to initiate injectable depot buprenorphine.

Original research | 2023
About PWUD, Substitution/OAT, Transitions in care/treatment, Barriers and enablers
Page Web | 2023
les services enveloppants
Webpage | 2023
Wrap-around services
Page Web | 2023
la réduction des méfaits, les services enveloppants
Webpage | 2023
Harm reduction, Wrap-around services
Page Web | 2022
les services enveloppants, participation de personnes ayant une expérience vivante ou vécue
Webpage | 2022
Wrap-around services, Peer/PWLLE program involvement

Researchers have argued that providing genetic explanations of addiction will reduce stigma, but there has been limited research testing this prediction.

Original research | 2023

Here, we discuss the tensions that arose in the process of co-designing drug alert templates with health and community workers.

Original research | 2023
Harm reduction, Barriers and enablers, Drug checking, Illegal drugs, Peer/PWLLE program involvement

The present study aimed to investigate the effect of zinc supplementation on the probability of relapse (PoR) and mental health (MH) problems in patients with opioid use disorder undergoing MMT.

Original research | 2023
Substitution/OAT, Mental health

We aimed to characterize perceptions of faculty, staff, and students about SUD stigma in professional healthcare training programs.

Original research | 2023
About prescribers, Stigma

We measured whether the associations of prescription opioid supply with drug overdose deaths vary by local socioeconomic conditions.

Original research | 2023
Overdose, Mortality, Equity

The COVID-19 pandemic reduced access to harm reduction (HR) structures in locations undergoing lockdown.

Original research | 2023
Digital health, Harm reduction
Guidelines | 2023
Clinical guidance, About prescribers, Substitution/OAT

Heroin-assisted treatment (HAT) is effective for individuals with severe opioid use disorder (OUD) who do not respond sufficiently to other opioid agonist treatments.

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, Evidence base, Barriers and enablers

This review summarizes literature on interventions for optimizing transitions in care from hospital to community for individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD).

Lit review | 2023
Transitions in care/treatment, Hospitals
Slide deck | 2023

It is crucial to ensure that youth using unregulated opioids have access to evidence-based interventions, and yet, youth encounter critical gaps in the quality of such interventions.

Original research | 2023
Youth, Illegal drugs, Barriers and enablers

This study aimed to characterize how individuals accessing medical care obtain supplies and the impact of perceived barriers to accessing safer injection supplies.

Original research | 2023
Injecting drugs, Barriers and enablers, About PWUD, Harm reduction

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