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Civil commitment statutes allow qualified individuals to petition for court-mandated commitment for someone with a substance use disorder (SUD).

Original research | 2023
Parents/caregivers, About PWUD, Policy/Regulatory

This study aims to determine what changes folding and heating have on several filter materials, including brass screens and commercially available steel wool products, and examine the implications

Original research | 2023
Harm reduction

This study evaluated the combined impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and counteracting OUD policies on enrollment in medications for OUD (MOUD).

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, Evidence base, Substitution/OAT, Transitions in care/treatment, Policy/Regulatory
Slide deck | 2023
Safer supply, Policy/Regulatory

This study evaluated the impact of initial randomized OAT allocation on subsequent switching among people with prescription-type opioid use disorder (POUD).

Original research | 2023
Substitution/OAT, Transitions in care/treatment

We calculated the number of prescribers and number of prescriptions for opioid and buprenorphine by specialty and year.

Original research | 2023
About prescribers, Substitution/OAT, Transitions in care/treatment

SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a mutual-aid program informed by cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational interviewing that provides support for a range of addictive b

Original research | 2023
Youth, Peer/PWLLE program involvement, About PWUD

The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of one-time online educational training events for rural community members and health care providers on community OUD issues, treatment o

Original research | 2023
About prescribers, Digital health, Rural/remote

This paper uses data from an Australian AOD early intervention program, The Street Universities, to: describe young people’s participation; examine changes in substance use and wellbeing over 90 da

Original research | 2023
Youth, Social services

The current research examines the effects of the built environment, social determinants of health measures and aggregated risk from the built environment at neighborhood-level on drug overdose deat

Original research | 2023
Overdose, Mortality, Equity

In order to inform safe supply recommendations, we aimed to identify why people currently smoke opioids and assess the preferred mode of consumption if people who use opioids were provided with opi

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, About PWUD

Complex gendered dynamics, including power differentials, violence, and social norms, shape the overdose crisis and drug treatment programs which can adversely impact women's experiences.

Original research | 2023
Injecting drugs, Substitution/OAT, Sex/Gender , Barriers and enablers, About PWUD

This study aims to investigate the perspectives of young who used substances to understand their motivations for access, both stated and unexpressed, to addiction services.

Original research | 2023
Youth, About PWUD, Barriers and enablers

We sought to synthesize qualitative studies of social-structural factors influencing incidence and treatment of injecting-related infections.

Lit review | 2023
Injecting drugs, Harm reduction

In the Canadian province of Alberta, the Protection of Children Using Drugs (PChAD) act allows parents to apply for involuntary stabilization of their children for up to 15 days.

Original research | 2023
Policy/Regulatory, Youth, Parents/caregivers

England has been slow to implement HAT.

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, About PWUD, Evidence base

To describe mortality due to opioid toxicity among people who experienced incarceration in Ontario between 2015 and 2020, during the fentanyl-dominant era.

Original research | 2023
Justice system/law enforcement, Mortality, Overdose, Outcomes

The MySafe program provides pharmaceutical-grade opioids to participants with opioid use disorder via a biometric dispensing machine.

Original research | 2023
Safer supply, Digital health, Barriers and enablers, Outcomes, About PWUD, Evidence base

This study examined stigma experiences and the degree to which substance use treatment reduced stigma among people with SUDs who were receiving care in an outpatient treatment facility after releas

Original research | 2023
Stigma, About PWUD, Justice system/law enforcement, Barriers and enablers

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