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The objectives of this paper are to describe the development, functionality, and accuracy of the Suspected Potential Overdose Tracker (SPOT) for predicting accidental drug overdose as the cause and

Original research | 2022
Overdose, Mortality, Policy/Regulatory
Case study | 2022
Harm reduction, Wrap-around services, About PWUD, Social benefits, Transitions in care/treatment, Indigenous
Guide or handbook | 2022
Drug checking, Digital health, Clinical guidance
Webpage | 2019
About PWUD, Justice system/law enforcement, Policy/Regulatory, Equity
Rapport | 2019
à propos des prescripteurs, la politique / le cadre de réglementation
Report | 2019
About prescribers, Policy/Regulatory

While a growing literature supports their effectiveness as a harm reduction strategy, there is limited information on contextual factors that may support or hinder SCS implementation and sustainabi

Lit review | 2022
SCS/OPS, Peer/PWLLE program involvement, Barriers and enablers

To better provide services to people who use drugs, we present a prospective, single-group interventional study involving the creation of a partnership between a safer opioid supply program and an

Original research | 2022
Wrap-around services, Safer supply, Outcomes

We defined, estimated, and analyzed national polysubstance use patterns among people who misuse opioids (PWMO).

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, Illegal drugs, Stimulants
Commentary | 2022
SCS/OPS, Harm reduction, Policy/Regulatory

To evaluate opioid overdose survival and naloxone administration by county over a three-year period.

Original research | 2022
Overdose, Mortality, Equity, Harm reduction, About PWUD, Outcomes

The aim of the present study was to explore how research was used in United States federal legislation that emphasized SU/SUD prevention.

Original research | 2022

We sought to identify correlates of recent informal drug checking service (DCS) use (e.g., fentanyl test strips) and willingness to use a formal DCS (co-located within a supervised consumption site

Original research | 2022
Drug checking, Illegal drugs, About PWUD, SCS/OPS, Equity

Simulation has emerged as a novel strategy for training overdose response, yet little is known about training non-clinicians in bystander resuscitation.

Original research | 2022
Overdose, Harm reduction

We aimed to characterise opioid analgesic utilisation over a 16-year period among a cohort of people with a history of opioid dependence, comparing rates of use in and out of opioid agonist treatme

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, Chronic pain

Systematic review and meta-analysis to estimate prevalence of specific mental disorders among people with OUD.

Lit review | 2022
About PWUD, Mental health

Many young people are not accessing OAT. This study sought to explore how young people navigated OAT over time, including periods of engagement, disengagement, and avoidance.

Original research | 2022
Safer supply, About PWUD, Youth, Substitution/OAT, Transitions in care/treatment, Barriers and enablers, Illegal drugs

To provide an overview of research literature on ageing and older people who use illicit opioids and stimulants by documenting the conceptual frameworks used and content areas that have been invest

Lit review | 2022
About PWUD, Illegal drugs

This study aimed to determine the accessibility of these medications in a major urban city by surveying community pharmacies regarding availability of buprenorphine and naloxone, and ability to dis

Original research | 2022
About pharmacists, Harm reduction, Substitution/OAT

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