London InterCommunity Health Centre's SOS Program Evaluation Report

Webinar | 2022-01-20

This webinar presents a report detailing the findings from an evaluation of the Safer Opioid Supply program at London InterCommunity Health Centre from 2020 to 2021. The goal of the evaluation was to examine the scale-up of the SOS program after Substance Use and Addictions Program funding was received from Health Canada in March 2020, in order to identify what was working well and what could be improved as part of an ongoing quality improvement and SOS program evaluation plan.

The evaluation report identifies SOS program benefits and challenges and provides program-level and system-level recommendations for moving forward.


  • Greg Nash, Senior Manager – Client Services, LIHC
  • Dr. Gillian Kolla, researcher
  • Dr. Andrea Sereda, Safer Opioid Supply and Primary Care Physician, LIHC
  • Rebecca Penn, Project Manager, National Safer Supply Community of Practice, LIHC

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