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Clinical experience indicates that people who inject drugs (PWID) are hospitalized frequently for infectious diseases, but little is known about outcomes when admitted.

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, Hospitals, Injecting drugs, Illegal drugs, Outcomes

This study investigates the use of stigmatizing and destigmatizing language in four Twitter communities: Medical, Public Health, Epidemiology, and Mental Health

Original research | 2022

This article analyzes the implementation of Montreal SIS and discusses how the organizational aspects of SIS produce the contexts for drug injection.

Original research | 2022
SCS/OPS, Policy/Regulatory, About PWUD, Harm reduction, Illegal drugs

This study, which we conducted in the Netherlands, assessed the barriers to and facilitators of accessibility to substance use treatment for non-service users with substance use disorders.

Original research | 2022
Stigma, About prescribers, About PWUD, Transitions in care/treatment, Barriers and enablers
Lit review | 2022
Safer supply, Evidence base

We aimed to determine whether the risk of psychotic events increases immediately after initiation of methylphenidate treatment or, in the longer term, 1 year after treatment initiation in adolescen

Original research | 2019
Stimulants, Youth, Mental health, Transitions in care/treatment, About prescribers, Outcomes

We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate usefulness of an agonist approach as treatment of (psycho)stimulant use disorder (PSUD).

Lit review | 2020
About prescribers, Outcomes, Evidence base, Illegal drugs, Stimulants
Training | 2022
Harm reduction

We examined the impact of the publicly funded Ontario Naloxone Program for Pharmacies (ONPP), implemented in June 2016, on provincial rates of opioid overdose deaths.

Original research | 2022
Harm reduction, Policy/Regulatory, Mortality, Overdose, Wrap-around services

This study aimed to characterize the prevalence of and the factors associated with a perceived decline in the quality of drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic among community-recruited cohorts of PWUD

Original research | 2022
Overdose, Safer supply, About PWUD, Illegal drugs, Stimulants

We sought to determine whether residential relocation (defined as sleeping in a different place in the past 30 days) is associated with health outcomes in a sample of people who inject drugs (PWID)

Original research | 2022
About PWUD, Illegal drugs, Housing, Outcomes, Justice system/law enforcement

To review interventions to reduce long term opioid treatment in people with chronic non-cancer pain, considering efficacy on dose reduction and discontinuation, pain, function, quality of life, wit

Lit review | 2022
Chronic pain, About prescribers

The study aims were to describe methamphetamine/amphetamine (MA/A) use among patients treated for OUD with buprenorphine/naloxone (BUP-NX) or extended-release naltrexone (XR-NTX), and to explore as

Original research | 2022
Stimulants, About PWUD, Illegal drugs
Guide or handbook | 2022
Safer supply, Clinical guidance, About prescribers
Video | 2022
Harm reduction, About PWUD, Indigenous
Vidéo | 2022
la réduction des méfaits, les drogues illégales, à propos des personnes qui utilisent des drogues
Video | 2022
Harm reduction, Illegal drugs, About PWUD

No systematic assessment of the scientific literature on the associations between nonmedical prescription opioid use (NMPOU) and health outcomes has yet been undertaken.

Lit review | 2022
About PWUD, Mental health, Overdose, Mortality, Illegal drugs, Crime
Guide or handbook | 2017
About prescribers

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