Resources for People Who Use Drugs

People who use drugs are experts -- that's one of our guiding principles. Accordingly, people who use drugs play significant roles in every part of our work, and are paid for their expertise.

Action for Safer Supply - People Who Use Drugs Working Group

Purpose: As a working group composed exclusively of people who use drugs (PWUD), Action for Safer Supply advocates for expanded access to safer supply for PWUD across the country.

Current activities: Finalizing a National Advocacy Toolkit on Safer Supply, OAT, and Harm Reduction. The working group is also working on an anti-stigma and anti-shame campaign #NoShameNovember, to be launched in November 2022.



Safer Supply, Opioid Agonist Treatment & Harm Reduction: National Advocacy Toolkit

  NSS-CoP People Who Use Drugs Working Group - Action for Safer Supply, 2022



Safe Supply: Concept Document

  CAPUD, 2019

Download (PDF) (également disponible en français)


Past Hot Topic Webinars

Harm Reduction, Safer Supply & Experiences of Pre- and Peri-Natal Care

  NSS-CoP, 2022-08-25

Moderator: Keri Guelke
Speakers: Julene Rawson, Jenna Bly, Hawkfeather Peterson


Urine Drug Screenings: Science and Implications on the Lives of People Who Use Drugs

  NSS-CoP, 2022-06-30

Moderator: Phoenix Beck McGreevy
Presenter: Claire S
Speakers: Ashley Smoke, Nat Kaminski, Keri Guelke, Hawkfeather Peterson


Wound Care Workshop for Non-Clinicians

  NSS-CoP, 2022-04-04

Speakers: Erin Telegdi, Sunny Sultan


Problems with Medicalized Safer Supply

  NSS-CoP and CAPUD, 2022-03-15

Moderator: Matthew Bonn
Speakers: Jeremy Kalicum, Eris Nyx


Expert Panel of People Who Use Drugs

  NSS-CoP, 2021-11-25

Moderator: Franky
Panellists: Angie, Ashley, Liam, millie, Phoenix, Steve, Thomas